Catching up and a poem

So I’m in the midst of recording with the band right now – so much fun!  Hopefully the new songs will be done within the next few weeks!  We’re recording a total of six songs and they’re gonna sound awesome!  So keep an eye out and I’ll post them as soon as they’re ready!  We’ll also be starting up playing at Betsey’s Bar again next week.  I’ll post the show schedule once it’s confirmed – you better be there!

Anyway, I wrote a first draft of poem the other day for the poetry class I’m in and just thought I’d share it for fun!



INFINITY, By Rebecca Butler


One time you called and I watched the screen light up blue and your name stamp across my eyes.

One time you called and I let my pink-polished nails dance across the keys before answering.

One time the picture of you and me wearing matching party hats for no particular reason on no particular Tuesday popped up next to your name.

One time you called and only the first two notes of Clair de Lune escaped from the tiny speakers before I picked up.

One time you called and it shook so much that it fell right off the nightstand and ink blots shot across the screen like seismograph waves.

One time I felt like I was taking an inkblot test, trying to make out the name, but I guessed it was you and answered anyway.

One time you called and hung up so fast that I didn’t even have time to say hello.

One time I frantically turned my purse upside down on the sidewalk and let the receipts and gum wrappers blow into traffic before I realized, the phone wasn’t ringing.

One time you called and I held down the ignore key and let it go to voicemail.


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